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Traversing Survival seeks submissions



Traversing Survival Existence on the Ism Battlefields Radical
Gender-Variant People of Color Speak Out on Multiple Oppressions

Poetry, stories, essays, articles, artwork and other creative
and/or analytical pieces are welcome!

Please keep submissions under 1,000 words, artwork will be
reproduced in black-and-white. Submissions are only accepted
from gender-variant authors of color.

Please email submissions by May 1st to:
or send an email to ask for a postal address. Please do not send
originals or only copies.

With love and rage, Seve.

Possible topics include, but are certainly not limited to:

* Intersections/interplay of racism, genderism, heterosexism, classism,
ableism, sexism, etc.

* Radical politics and gender, race

* Anarchism, Anti-authority, autonomy and gender, race

* Transphobia and racism

* Plurality, borderlands of identity

* Dismantling the hierarchy of oppression

* Social construction of race, gender, sex, sexual orientation,etc.

* Individual and communal identity and specific People of Color communities

* History of Gender-variance in communities of Color & Indigenous communities

* Countering views of Gender-variance as a white disease

* Racism/white supremacy in Gender-variant communities

* Trans/Gender-variant health for People of Color

* Where you have/havent found support, strength and hope

* Allies, partners, love, etc.

* Whatever else speaks to you as a gender-variant persyn of color...
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